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Home Sweet Home (2013) 720p WEB-DL


Release Date:  14 May 2013 (USA)
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Stars : Marty Adams, Shaun Benson, Meghan Heffern
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
Size: 500MB

Sinopsis :
After going broke, Gwen Stevens is forced to return to her abandoned childhood home hoping to pick up the pieces of her life. Among the relics and memories of her past, she discovers someone is living in the house and they don't want to leave. In the New Mexico desert, miles from safety, Gwen must fight to protect the only thing she has left. Her life.
A lone woman battles two psychotic squatters for her home and her life. Job, parents, money, apartment - Gwen Stevens has lost everything. Seeking to regain control of her quickly disintegrating life, Gwen returns to her remote childhood home to sift through her past and focus on finding new direction. Her quest for control is quickly challenged when she discovers that the house that was once her sanctuary is now someone else's domain - and she is not welcome. Two psychotic squatters leave Gwen terrorized, tormented, and far from help. Gwen's retreat devolves into a battle for her home and, ultimately, a desperate fight for her life. 

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