Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Fast Five (2011) BluRay 1080p


Tanggal Rilis :  12 August 2011 (Indonesia)
Quality :  BluRay 1080p 1.7GB
IMDB Rating : 7.3/10 from 135,226 users
Star :  Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson
Genre : Action | Crime | Thriller

Ringkasan Cerita Film Fast Five (2011):

When Dominic “Dom” Toretto is being transported to Lompoc prison by bus, his sister Mia Toretto and friend Brian O’Conner lead an assault on the bus, causing it to crash and freeing Dom. While the authorities search for them, the trio escape to Rio de Janeiro. Awaiting Dom’s arrival, Mia and Brian join their friend Vince and other participants on a job to steal three cars from a train.


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